Western States 
        Deaf Campers 


Who Are We?

Co-Founder: James Allen of Phoenix, AZ

Co-Founder Russell Kellmer of Placentia, CA

In 2004, we attended The National Campvention of the Deaf in Iowa. We submitted a bid for the 2010 Camp to be held in Montana (this request failed). However, there were many deaf campers that asked for something to be setup in Montana so after months of planing, the first “Western States Deaf Campers” was held in West Yellowstone, MT in 2007.  Although most of the 222 campers that attended were from Western states (MT, UT, WY, CO, WA, CA, ID, AZ, NM, NV and OR) there were also campers from Eastern states.

The next Camp was held in 2009 in Estes Park, CO, and the campers increased to 346. In 2011, it was held in Moab, UT, and there was 611 deaf campers!  In 2013, it was held at Anacortes Island, WA, and was attended by 255 campers. Our next “Western States Deaf Campers” will be held in 2015 in Cody, WY and then 2017 in Northern CA.

This special event has become a tradition for many of the deaf.  It is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. There are always a a variety of activities included that range from fishing, tours, rafting, etc.  We’d love to see you in 2015.  It’s always a good time!

Jim and Russell